And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ. Acts 5:42


03/19/2009Russian Style Service Theme of DiscipleshipDiscipleship ConferenceVarious
03/19/2009Workshop Q & ADiscipleship ConferenceVarious
03/19/2009Cultural Discipleship is a LifestyleDiscipleship ConferenceDr. Pat Briney
03/19/2009Lesson on Changing Church CultureDiscipleship ConferenceTravis Jones
03/19/2009Cold, Lukewarm, and Hot Church CultureDiscipleship ConferenceRobert Creech
03/18/2009Case StudiesDiscipleship ConferenceVarious
03/18/2009CommentaryDiscipleship ConferenceDr. Brian Disney
03/18/2009Producing a Discipling Church Culture from ScratchDiscipleship ConferenceRobert Creech
03/18/2009ObstaclesDiscipleship ConferenceBrad Jones
03/18/2009Training Culture in ChurchDiscipleship ConferenceDr. Ken Francis
03/18/2009Russian Style SpeakersDiscipleship ConferenceVarious
03/17/2009Current US CultureDiscipleship ConferenceDr. Pat Briney
03/17/2009Case StudiesDiscipleship ConferenceVarious
03/17/2009WorkshopDiscipleship ConferenceDr. Pat Briney
03/17/2009Defining a Biblical Church CultureDiscipleship ConferenceDr. Brian Disney
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