And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ. Acts 5:42


03/25/2010Session 17 - Evening MessageDiscipleship ConferenceVarious
03/25/2010Session 16 - Evening Service MusicDiscipleship ConferenceVarious
03/25/2010Discipleship TestimoniesDiscipleship ConferenceVarious
03/25/2010Session 14 - Bible MemorizationDiscipleship ConferenceBilly Ray Wrather
03/25/2010Session 13 - Missionary in the Christian SchoolDiscipleship ConferenceDr. Ken Francis
03/25/2010Session 12Discipleship ConferenceDr. Brian Disney
03/25/2010Session 11Discipleship ConferenceDr. Pat Briney
03/24/2010Session 10 - Russian Style MessagesDiscipleship ConferenceVarious
03/24/2010Session 9 - Discipleship Case StudiesDiscipleship ConferenceTravis Jones
03/24/2010Session 8 - Be part of the teamDiscipleship ConferenceTravis Jones
03/24/2010Session 7 - Methods of DiscipleshipDiscipleship ConferenceMichael Lea
03/24/2010Session 6 - Greatest Rule - Love GodDiscipleship ConferenceDr. Pat Briney
03/23/2010Session 5 - How is your sight?Discipleship ConferenceLavenski Smith
03/23/2010Session 4 - Workshop OneDiscipleship ConferenceDr. Pat Briney
03/23/2010Session 3 - Culture War 2Discipleship ConferenceDr. Brian Disney
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