And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ. Acts 5:42


06/30/2019Prayer - Prayers in the Bible Dr. Pat Briney
06/30/2019Prayer - New Series Dr. Pat Briney
06/12/2019God's Answer is the Best Answer Dr. Pat Briney
06/09/2019Pentecost - New Beginnings Firstfruits Dr. Pat Briney
04/17/2019Prayer - Why God Would Say No Dr. Pat Briney
04/10/2019Prayer - Add to Your Faitth continued Dr. Pat Briney
04/07/2019Prayer - Live Right Pray Right Dr. Pat Briney
03/17/2019Prayer - Add to Your Faitth Dr. Pat Briney
03/17/2019Prayer - Watch and Pray Dr. Pat Briney
03/13/2019Add to Your Faith Dr. Pat Briney
03/10/2019Prayer - James 5:16 Availeth Much Dr. Pat Briney
03/06/2019Remembering Miz Martha Dr. Pat Briney
02/27/2019Prayer - James - Prayers that Avail Much Dr. Pat Briney
02/24/2019Prayer - James Chapter 5 Dr. Pat Briney
02/17/2019Prayer - Continued Dr. Pat Briney
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