And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ. Acts 5:42


09/16/2018Understanding How to Pray Dr. Pat Briney
09/12/2018How Gog Answers Prayer Dr. Pat Briney
09/09/2018Prayers with Understanding Dr. Pat Briney
08/26/2018Prayers Discerned by Faith Dr. Pat Briney
08/19/2018Prayers in God's Will Dr. Pat Briney
08/08/2018Prayers that are Guaranteed Dr. Pat Briney
07/25/2018Prayers that Frustrate Dr. Pat Briney
07/22/2018How to Kill a Church Dr. Pat Briney
07/15/2018Have Faith in God and Pray Dr. Pat Briney
07/01/2018Undefiled for God Dr. Pat Briney
04/29/2018The Wrath of God Dr. Pat Briney
04/29/2018Feast of Unleavened Bread Dr. Pat Briney
04/25/2018Feasts and Grace Dr. Pat Briney
04/22/2018God's Calendar Dr. Pat Briney
03/18/2018The Lambs Book of Life Dr. Pat Briney
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