And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ. Acts 5:42


08/18/2002The Lost Condition of Men Dr. Brian Disney
08/04/2002Depart From Me Dr. Brian Disney
07/07/2002Living in Liberty Dr. Brian Disney
06/09/2002For by Grace are Ye Saved Dr. Brian Disney
05/26/2002The Importance of Memorial Dr. Brian Disney
05/12/2002Mothers Day: Removing the Hedges Dr. Brian Disney
04/21/2002We Must Keep a Vision of Christ Dr. Brian Disney
04/14/2002Gods Hands: Security and Safety in the Lord Dr. Brian Disney
04/07/2002Repentance: A God given Necessity for Salvation Dr. Brian Disney
04/04/2002Transferring the House of God from Israel to the Church Dr. Brian Disney
03/31/2002Resurrection Celebration: His Resurrection mean we will be Resurrected Dr. Brian Disney
03/24/2002Faith a Great Power Source Dr. Brian Disney
03/17/2002The Meaning of Faith as an Enabling Instrument Dr. Brian Disney
03/10/2002The Eye of God Looks Upon the Heart of Man Dr. Brian Disney
03/03/2002Christ The All Sufficient Savior Dr. Brian Disney
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