And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ. Acts 5:42


02/15/2009Tabernacle StudyThe TabernacleDr. Ken Francis
02/15/2009Deeper and Deeper Dr. Brian Disney
02/15/2009Belief Zack Blake
02/08/2009Responding to the Call of God - cont Dr. Brian Disney
02/08/2009Tabernacle StudyThe TabernacleDr. Ken Francis
02/08/2009Responding to the call of God Dr. Brian Disney
02/08/2009God Owns the Land Ron Rone
02/04/2009A Culture of Church Discipleship Dr. Pat Briney
02/01/2009Be After Gods Own Heart Dr. Pat Briney
02/01/2009Hearken to the Lords Voice Jeff Allison
01/25/2009Gods Economy - Part 4Gods EconomyDr. Brian Disney
01/25/2009Tabernacle StudyThe TabernacleDr. Ken Francis
01/25/2009Touch Me Again (cont) Dr. Brian Disney
01/25/2009We are here for Truth Gary McHenry
01/21/2009Gods Economy - Part 3Gods EconomyDr. Brian Disney
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