And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ. Acts 5:42


07/08/2009Discipleship and Cultural WarfareCultural Influence & WarfareDr. Brian Disney
07/05/2009Cultural Warfare - No DualismCultural Influence & WarfareDr. Brian Disney
07/05/2009Our Fathers Love Lavenski Smith
07/01/2009Christian Living Summary of Romans 12:1-9 Dr. Brian Disney
06/28/2009L.T.I.A. Testimony Various
06/28/2009Which is the Real God Dr. Ken Francis
06/28/2009L.T.I.A. Report and Discussion Various
06/24/2009A Form of RighteousnessMissionaryBrian Elam
06/21/2009Russian Style Service / Fathers Day Various
06/21/2009The Father Is FaithfulMissionaryCristobal Yanez
06/17/2009Pick Up the MantleMissionaryWilliam Aya
06/14/2009Cultural Influence and Warfare - Cont..Cultural Influence & WarfareDr. Brian Disney
06/14/2009I Say Unto You, Watch! Ron Rone
06/14/2009The Iron Did SwimThe Iron Did SwimDr. Brian Disney
06/10/2009Cultural Influence and WarfareCultural Influence & WarfareDr. Brian Disney
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