And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ. Acts 5:42


10/23/2011Genesis- AbrahamWalk through the WordDr. Ken Francis
10/23/2011Barbarians within the gates Dr. Brian Disney
10/19/2011Daniel's Vision part 3. Dr. Brian Disney
10/16/2011Daniel vision of the four beasts part 2 Dr. Brian Disney
10/16/2011Crucify the Flesh/Die to Self Dr. Brian Disney
10/12/2011Daniel's Four Beasts Dr. Brian Disney
10/09/2011Framework of Reality Dr. Brian Disney
10/09/2011Musical Morality Dr. Pat Briney
10/09/2011Reasons to live in the power of the resurrection Dr. Brian Disney
10/05/2011The course of this world Dr. Brian Disney
10/02/2011Musical Morality Dr. Pat Briney
10/02/2011Live the Godly Life Dr. Brian Disney
09/28/2011Living Biblically Dr. Pat Briney
09/25/2011Heroes Dr. Ken Francis
09/25/2011Musical Morality Dr. Pat Briney
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