And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ. Acts 5:42


04/18/2012Philadelphia and the keys of David Dr. Brian Disney
04/15/2012Islam - Peace through Jihad Dr. Pat Briney
04/15/2012Life of IsaacWalk through the WordDr. Ken Francis
04/15/2012The Converging of signs Dr. Brian Disney
04/11/2012Faith and Belief Dr. Brian Disney
04/08/2012Easter Service - Russian Style Various
04/08/2012Easter Service 2012 - Russian Style Various
04/04/2012Faith - Continuing Discussion Dr. Brian Disney
04/01/2012What is Faith? Dr. Brian Disney
04/01/2012Death of AbrahamWalk through the WordDr. Ken Francis
04/01/2012Expectation of His Return Dr. Brian Disney
03/28/2012God's Plan: Deliverance or Sacrifice Dr. Pat Briney
03/25/2012Missionary Message - Bro. Chilando Missionary
03/25/2012Who Are You Following? Juan Arellano
03/22/2012Russian Style Service Various
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