And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ. Acts 5:42


11/29/2015Sanctify the Lord, Let Him be Your Fear - Reiner Harper Missionary
11/29/2015Our Yield Power Lavenski Smith
11/25/2015The righteous pharisee and the sinner woman Dr. Pat Briney
11/22/2015The Real Message of Acts 2 Bill Sheffield
11/22/2015Inroduction to the Book of Acts Dr. Ken Francis
11/22/2015Fear of God Dr. Brian Disney
11/18/2015Don't Let the Enemy Distract You  C J White
11/15/2015Double Minded Man Brad Jones
11/15/2015The Church - New house of God Dr. Ken Francis
11/15/2015Denial and Love Dr. Brian Disney
11/11/2015Principle of Law and Righteousness Dr. Brian Disney
11/08/2015Book of Acts Dr. Ken Francis
11/08/2015Soldiers ready for the war Dr. Ken Francis
11/04/2015Thoughts on 40 years Dr. Ken Francis
11/01/2015Faithfulnes Brad Jones
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