And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ. Acts 5:42


10/16/2016Feast of Trumpets Dr. Pat Briney
10/16/2016Missionary - Juan Arellano Juan Arellano
10/12/2016Trumpet Series Dr. Pat Briney
10/09/2016The Jewish Feasts Dr. Pat Briney
10/09/2016Heal Me, and I Shall be Healed Michael Lea
10/05/2016Yom Terurah - continued Dr. Pat Briney
09/30/2016A Celebration of Life - Tittle Memorial Various
09/28/2016Brethren in Unity Dr. Ken Francis
09/25/2016Grieving and Healing Tom Hardin
09/25/2016All Things Work Together Dr. Brian Disney
09/21/2016Not by the sacrifice! Dr. Pat Briney
09/18/2016Panama Mission - Tim Delaney Missionary
09/18/2016We Are Pilgrims Dr. Pat Briney
09/14/2016Jesus IS the Beginning of Creation Dr. Pat Briney
09/11/2016Search the Scriptures - They Testify of Me Dr. Pat Briney
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