And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ. Acts 5:42


10/22/2017The Reality of the Adversary of our Soul Dr. Ken Francis
10/22/2017The Mind of Christ - continued Dr. Brian Disney
10/18/2017Bride of Christ Dr. Brian Disney
10/15/2017Series: The 2nd Death Dr. Brian Disney
10/15/2017John 15 Abiding in the Vine Dr. Brian Disney
10/15/2017Jeshurun Waxed Fat Dr. Brian Disney
10/11/2017The Ressurection continued Dr. Brian Disney
10/08/2017Pastor Appreciation - Testimony Dr. Brian Disney
10/08/2017In Christ - continued Dr. Brian Disney
10/04/2017Doctrine of Resurrection - Continued Dr. Brian Disney
10/01/2017Open the Door Tom Hardin
09/27/2017Death and Resurrection Dr. Brian Disney
09/24/2017Yom Tehrurah Dr. Pat Briney
09/24/2017Mind of Christ Continued Dr. Brian Disney
09/20/2017Phillipians Ch. 2 We Must Continue On Dr. Ken Francis
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