And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ. Acts 5:42


12/26/2007Rejoice Dr. Brian Disney
12/19/2007Who Am I Dr. Brian Disney
12/16/2007There is a Redeemer Dr. Brian Disney
12/12/2007Sin - What does it cost? Dr. Pat Briney
12/12/2007Faith Dr. Brian Disney
12/09/2007Jonah: There is a fare to payJonahDr. Brian Disney
12/05/2007Knowing God by Faith Dr. Brian Disney
12/02/2007Security of Believer - Human DesignEternal SecurityDr. Brian Disney
12/02/2007Running Away from the Will of GodJonahDr. Brian Disney
11/28/2007Security of BelieverEternal SecurityDr. Brian Disney
11/18/2007If Love is the Motivation... Dr. Ken Francis
11/17/2007Salvation by Grace - Everlasting LifeEternal SecurityDr. Brian Disney
11/14/2007Jude - Keeping Yourselves in The Love of ChristJudeDr. Brian Disney
11/11/2007Baptist HistoryBaptist HistoryBrad Jones
11/11/2007Saved by GraceEternal SecurityDr. Brian Disney
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